Setting a New Standard

Yuan Nielsen

It is exciting to experience the accelerating impact women are making in the business world, but as more of us take on high-level positions or start our own companies, it also becomes more evident how challenging it is to achieve fulfillment and balance amidst our quest for excellence. Since there is no history of women having created an acknowledged business paradigm that aligns with our intrinsic values, I believe we now have a unique opportunity and responsibility to define a new standard.

A different paradigm can only truly be achieved when we reconnect with our passionate, empowered, and supportive selves and are genuinely open to learn from each other’s experience and expertise, get inspired by each other’s perspectives and achievements, and commit to bringing out the best in one another.

We live in a fascinating time, where technology has helped us reach all new heights for what is possible. It helps us facilitate the circulation of knowledge and links us across the world like never before. While it is immensely gainful to connect so seamlessly in a practical sense, it has limited our capacity for cultivating deeper, more meaningful relationships. There is a rising barrier between us and our online personas, who demand a great deal of maintenance yet reciprocates with fleeting notions of recognition. I believe nothing can ever replace the powerful effect of exchanging knowledge and energy through face-to-face interactions and let people in, who can become integral parts of our development.

Setting high expectations for ourselves is often what drives us to develop our intellect, and I greatly appreciate that, but too often do we neglect how important it is to embrace a holistic approach to our personal development. We will not be successful in the long run if we work till we drop, so rather than compete against each other, we could lift each other towards ultimate growth by helping one another manage expectations, seek guidance, and foster creativity and inspiration in ourselves and others.